Opening day: Race track


My first experience at a Horse race

After spending hours and hours watching The Real House Wives, I found myself wrapped up in their lavish lives. So of course, when my friend invites me for a fun adventure to the opening day of the horse races at the Santa Anita Race Track, I just had to go.
There I am getting all dolled up for my first experience of the wondrous races. Might I add, I have always been curious about these races but did not know what to expect. Yet, I must admit I felt like I was experiencing the feeling many of the “housewives” may have felt.
Our seats were down near the track, and there we are in dresses, heels, hats, and cozy coats– ready to make our bet. Regarding the fact that I have never been to an event like this, I was not very experienced in how to make a proper bet. I decided to start small until I gained the right knowledge to become successful in the world of gambling.
Even thought I didn’t win anything, I gained not only the experience, but also made new friends. One sentence that wraps up the ultimate experience would be: “A race horse is the only animal that can take seveal thousand people for a ride at the same time.” The whole experience was indeed, magical.
Some pointers I learned while at the race track on opening day:
  1. Check the weather before choosing your outfit. Being in a dress and heels when it’s about 50 degrees, you will be freezing (be sure to bring a jacket, as well as blankets).
  2. Comfort but style is a MUST! (the bigger the hat the better)
  3. Learn the skills of making a proper bet. Check out the horses beforehand, and do your research.
  4. Overall, don’t take it too personal… have fun!

I hope ya’ll enjoyed reading about my experience at the races, and hopefully learned a few things as well.


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