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Out of the Woods

I know that it has been quite a long time since I have updated anything on my blog, my sincerest apologies. Between work and school the only “free” time I ever had was used to either catch up on school work or sleep.
But I am back! And school has come to an end. One exciting thing I did get to do during the school year was take a mini weekend vacation to the outskirts of town… low and behold the great Big Sur!
Yes, me and two of my girl friends decided we were in desperate need for a getaway… so we wrote down places we would like to go, folded those pieces and threw it in a coworkers hat. Where he shook the hat all around like magic, and wah-la the winner, of course, was BIG SUR.
A weekend getaway of camping in the woods with barely any service and just the sounds of nature…YES PLEASE!
So Friday April 22, at 7 a.m. the three of us packed up our bags, threw them in the trunk of my friends car and headed off on our mini roadtrip. On the way there we stopped in Pismo Beach to take some lovely photos.
 Next stop… SLO, but really we were only stopping to check out the worlds greatest masterpiece( AKA BUBBLGUM ALLEY!)
Below is a photo taken of me sticking my very own gum… as you must contribute if you are ever going to check out the great wall of bubble gum! (Duh!)
 After our contribution to the GREAT WALL OF BUBBLEGUM (Bubblegum Alley), we stopped for lunch before heading back on the road.
In between our long journey we made a few other random stops along the way, some were just trails off the side of the road that often led to cliffs that overlooked the ocean.
At some point, preferably around 3 p.m. maybe… I cannot really remember, but it was light enough, we arrived at our destination. Where three girls (well, actually one who knew exactly what she was doing, me: who helped but struggled, and the third too busy taking photos)… eventually, all managed to put up the tent. Kind of a proud moment if you ask me.
This whole camping thing… was just the start of a beautiful weekend.
The next day we were awoken by the sounds of birds chirping and the soft sounds of the river where our campsite was located. Despite the fact that it was quite cold outside, it was all so charming.
We quickly got ready to conquer the day… starting with a stop to a cute little coffee house to fuel ourselves for the days work… or more like adventures.
We then stopped by McWay Falls; which if you are ever up north and possibly in Big Sur I suggest checking this place out. It is just off the side of the road where you can slightly take a little hike down and it is this beach with one waterfall… (I even added a photo below)
 After the falls we walked across the street where we began our planned hike for the day. Now this hike was intense but so worth it, the scenery was out of this world gorgeous, everything green and beautiful. I could probably stay in there for hours and be perfectly content.
Once we reached the top, the view was majestic! I don’t think words do this place justice therefore I will show you through photographs:
 After the hike we got back to the car and took a drive further north where we ended up at the Bixby Bridge. A legendary bridge that many of you have most likely seen in tv commercials about California.
I could not resist and had to be like all the other tourist and take a photo of the bridge.
 And no, that is not my RV but I felt it kind of made the shot perfect! hah.
I’m running out of time, therefore anymore detail of the trip may be cut short. So I will leave with this.. we left on Sunday and made our way back to reality.
I could sit here and ramble on about how beautiful big sur is and how everyone should visit and how much I love camping, but honestly, this trip was so much more than that. It gave us all a chance to bond in a way we have never bonded before, it gave us a chance to escape reality and enjoy the calmness of nature. I wouldn’t trade that weekend for anything else because it was perfect.
Making a list of things to do this year and this summer… Roadtrip was definitely one of the things on my list. So I suppose I can check that off.
But here’s to many more adventures and making the most of the summer!
Below is a list of places you should check out if ever decided to wander up north… if you are from California. Or if you are visiting So Cal and need some fun things to do, this may help you too:
– Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park (This is where we hiked)
– Pfeiffer Beach
– Mcway Falls
– Bixby Bridge
– Limekiln State Park
– Old Coast Road
– Salmon Creek Falls Trail
– Rocky Creek Bridge
There are many other things to discover in this world, why not go out on a limb and explore the world. Even if it means getting in your car and driving a couple or more hours, whatever it takes, big or small, just take that initial step and enjoy life.
I firmly believe the greatest pleasures in life are the memories you make with those by your side.
Now go explore!

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