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Why Rock Climbing is the new workout fad


Working out can be boring and sometimes you might find yourself lacking motivation. You know you want to be healthy and fit. You know all the ways you can get the results that you have always wanted, but the moment you arrive at the gym you have no clue where to start.

Classes help but they don’t always do the trick, and sure you decide one day you’re going to do cardio and another day weights and the next abs, legs, or even arms– whatever your workout regimen is you don’t always feel like it is working. You could get a trainer– but let’s be real for a moment, trainers can get expensive and not all of us have all the money in the world to spend on trainers.

Recently I noticed when scrolling through Instagram, how many videos and photos of indoor rock climbing gyms have pretty much become the new workout fad. Thanks to local indoor rock climbing gyms, you can experience easy and instant access that would do wonders to your climbing. Not only is this all-year-round, all-four-seasons sport fun, you often won’t even realize you are working out– which is the best part if you ask me.

And if you are anything like me, well I love workouts that don’t always feel like I’m working out. Might I always point out that no matter the weather occurring outside, the indoor rock climbing gym is ALWAYS sunny in plastic paradise!

If you are wondering how climbing could possibly be a workout let me point out the body parts that you are actually working: core, forearms and biceps, back and legs.

I am no expert, in fact, I haven’t rock climbed since I was little but recent I have been trying to find new ways to expand my workout horizons and to venture out to new and fun activities. Recently, I went to my local indoor rock climbing gym, Boulderdash Climbing, with a couple of friends. And even though all we did was boulder which in case you don’t know what Bouldering is let me break it down for you. When rock climbing you are harnessed in and you pretty much can climb as high as you want or at least as high as it goes. Whereas, for bouldering, you can only climb twice your height. What that means is, for us short people, we couldn’t necessarily go that high, but that’s actually a good thing. For safety purpose, you don’t want to climb too high, for one– your hands will get slippery which makes it harder to grip onto the rocks. Another thing I learned is bouldering, is actually a lot more difficult than rock climbing because you aren’t strapped in you actually have to use your upper body strength in order to grip onto the rocks.

For the most part, I actually am pretty strong in my arms and back but with slippery hands and awkward positions, I struggled a little. As a child I loved to climb things, I was a total monkey. Bouldering is fun because you actually notice your own strength often times, strength, you never knew you really had.

For rock climbing, your local gym does require taking a class just to learn the basics but in the meantime, learning to boulder isn’t so bad either.

So if you are looking for something new, perhaps a new workout, then my suggestion is to find out where your local indoor rock climbing gym is located and check it out. At Boulderdash climbing you can buy a day pass for $21, this includes the shoes (rates are located on their website) and you can come and go as you please throughout the day during open hours.

I created a little video of my experience below, check it out!

Rock Climbing experience



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