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Places I have traveled to…

Ever been bit by the traveling bug? You may not be able to see it right now, but I am waving both hands in the air, because I have definitely had the case of “traveling fever”. Not sure if that is an actual term, but that is what I prefer to call it. That moment when you feel the need to travel. There are so many amazing places in this world, and I honestly would love to see it all.

I remember as a kid, all the family vacations we went on. Some of my most favorite memories are the places I have been with my family. And as I got older, I started making new memories with friends– and trust me when I say this, traveling with family verus traveling with friends is a totally differen ball park! However, I wouldn’t trade any of these experiences in because I learned so much, and I got to see some pretty incredible places.

I decided to share with you all some places that I have traveled to, while I also have a “bucket” list of places I would like to travel to.

Places I have traveled to:

Arizona: Growing up, my family and I would go to some pretty amazing places. One of my faves is Scottsdale, Arizona. I love this place because of all the memories I have with my family. We would always stay in this one hotel– Hitlon, Swquapeak. This hotel is incredible because it has a lazy river, a water slide, two pools– one has a waterfall, and a jacuzzi. What is more relaxing than a lazy river?

I remember this one memory, my family and I were driving around and we ended up at this hiking trail. Adventurous as we are, we ended up hiking this trail– in sandals and only a diet coke. While I don’t recommend hiking in the heat in that condition– it was the laughters we had over the experience. It’s a memory we keep that we can bring up every once in awhile.

Another place in Arizona would be Parker, Arizona– as in the Colorado River. My grandparents have a house on the Parker side of the river. And a few childhood memories of going to the lake with my family. Everything from boat rides, tubing, fishing, bbqs, and even cliff diving.

The Grand Canyon: While I don’t remember every memory of this trip, I do remember traveling here with my family. And anyone who is lucky enough to see the Grand Canyon is– well, pretty darn lucky. It is true what they say, The Grand Canyon– is grand, and it is beautiful!

Big Sur:


If you ever get the chance to go up to Northern California– you must stop by Big Sur on the way! While I have been there when I was little, I don’t really remember it. However, in 2016, I went on a mini road trip with some friends and we ended up camping for a weekend. It was a really great experience and it was so much fun. (If you want to learn more about my camping trip check out my post on my Big Sur getaway)

Hawaii: I have been to Oahu, the big Island, Kuai, and Maui. But my favorite place in Hawaii has to be Honolulu. While it has more of a city life to it, it is always very beautiful. The beaches are hands down amazing! The first time I ever learned to surf was on Wikki Beach in Honolulu. And one year, my family and I hiked Diamond Head. We also walked on dried Lava on the Big Island. We’ve done so many incredible things. I just might have to make a separate blog post just to name all the things I have done in Hawaii.

New York: I think if I were to live anywhere else other than California, I would choose New York! Something about big lights and city life just draws me in. And while New York is all about the hustle and bustle, you also have the suburbs– where small quite little towns and fireflies. I remember visiting my great grandmother while she was living there, and one evening we had jars and we were catching fireflies. That moment right there meant so much to me. It’s so peaceful and beautiful.

Connecticut: While I haven’t actually explored much of Connecticut, we did drive from New York to a lake in Connecticut. But I’d definitely like to go back and see more of this State.

New Hampshire: All I remember about here is that while my family and I were in Boston, we decided to drive to New Hampshire. I was little so I don’t really remember this part of the trip, just that I was told I have been here.

Boston: Boston is so beautiful, while I don’t think I would live here it is definitely a place to visit. Visiting Plymith Rock was an incredible experience.

Seattle, Washington: This previous Summer, I went on a road trip with some friends. We flew up to Seattle, Washington, where one of my friends had been living and she was moving back to California. So five of us road tripped home with her– and it was an experience I will never forget! While I was only in Seattle for about a day, we did see a lot. First arrival, we went to have lunch at the Space Needle. This is by far my favorite! The view is so incredible, and the food is pretty good too. Also, it doesn’t spin to the point where you feel it but it definitely moves, which is pretty cool. And we visited Pike Market, and Bubble gum alley! Of course I had to contribute… and take super cute and total touristy photos.





I would love to go back to Seattle and explore more places, but it is true what they say– Washington is very green and very beautiful!

Oregon (Portland and Eugene): Oregon was one of the stops we made while on our road trip. We stayed one night in Portland, Oregon and one night in Eugene, Oregon. We visited this one bookstore called Powells Bookstore in Portland– and I must say, I was in my glory! I love to read and this is definitely an awesome bookstore. We of course had to stop by the ORIGINAL Voodoo Doughnut. That was pretty yummy. We also went on a beautiful hike to Multnomah Falls.

San Francisco: I have been to San Fran so many times with my family! And there are so many wonderful things to do there. My favorite is the Fisherman’s wharf, China Town, and of course, The Golden Gate Bridge. We also stopped in San Fran on our road trip. While we got there just as the sun was setting, we got some pretty awesome shots of the bridge.

Ensenada, Mexico: Went on a cruise that took us to San Diego, Catalina, and Ensendad. While I wasn’t here for very long– I did get to see some cool parts.

Las Vegas, Nevada: Vegas isn’t exactly the most appealing place on earth. But I can say I have been here quite a few times. Went when I was younger, and then for my friend’s 21st birthday. Pool parties are lots of fun. Other than that, Vegas isn’t a place you want to stay for a long time– it’s more of a weekend trip.

There are so many other incredible places I have been to, and the list could go on and on. There are just a few!



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