Hello, Autumn

Welcome to the first day of Fall! Although, I don’t live in a town where all the leaves change colors and the air is crisp and chilly. Not everyone is walking around in boots, scarves, and lattes, where the pavement glistens because it just rained– that does happen sometimes, but not always.

Still FALL is one of my favorite seasons. When the air does finally get chilly, and the pavement glistens, and the smell of rain fills the air and I can gleefully prance around in my most comfy riding boots, sweater, and scarf.

Carrying my pumpkin spiace latte, watching the leaves on the trees shift colors, well that is when I’m the happiest.

And speaking of Fall, I decided to give you all the 411 on the things about Fall that make me “FALL” in lovve with it so much.

  1. The smell of pumpkin: pumpkin bread ( I come home to the house smelling like pumpkin because my mom just baked a delicious loaf of pumpkin bread that was fresh out of the oven) and I smile because this is one of my most favorite smells. Pumpkin Spice lattes, yes “basic white girl” essential but I still obsess over them and look forward to Starbucks having them every year. Pumpkin spice tea… mmmm I can just smell the pumpkin and spices.
  2. October= Halloween: Which means candy and carving pumpkins. I have a little tradition of my own that I made more so now that I am older. Every year on Halloween, I decide to order Chinese food, sit in my room snuggled in my bed, make tea, and watch Teen Witch. BUt sercretly, I wish I was out Trick or Treating (and I KNOW you’re thinking it too!)
  3. Boots, sweaters, and scarves! These may be “basic white girl” essentials but I LOVE boots and big comfy sweaters and colorful scarves. The trend of knee high socks peeking out of your boots, is definitely my go-to style trend every fall.
  4. Rainy days. Although it doesn’t rain much here in Southern California when it does rain I get excited. I hate driving in the rain, because people don’t know how to drive. But other than that I absolutely love it. The feeling of being inside, snuggled in bed or near a cozy fire drinking tea or hot cocoa, having movie marathons, reading a good book and listening to the rain come down. I love how it pitter patters on the window, it’s rather soothing. And the next morning when you wake up and look outside and the pavement glistens because it just rained and you automatically feel like dancing… or at least I do! That moment right there makes everything seem so small and so beautiful.
  5. DIY- projects: this goes well with rainy days but something about Fall gives me all these ideas of projects I could start. I generally just go on pinterest and type in “DIY fall” and it brings up the most creative things.
  6. THANKSGIVING! I don’t know about you, but I love this holiday. Who doesn’t want to stuff their faces with everything imaginable and then feel all warm and fuzzy inside because you realized that all those months of going to the gym for that “bikini” body was really for this exact moment where you can just eat your heart out (literally!). But something about sharing moments with family and loved ones, eating great food, and oh Pie! my mom makes the best Pumpkin pie and I look forward to it every year!
  7. Football: As a former cheerleader, my Friday night football games became a major tradition and after graduating high school I didn’t really go to many college games. But there’s always the Superbowl and there’s football on tv. Football is really big in my family, so big even my dog is emotionally attached to Sunday football! I mean you yell “football” and it doesn’t matter where she is in the house she will find her little football and bring it to you, which is by far the cutest thing I have ever seen.
  8. Sun isn’t too bright: There’s still some sun but it isn’t beaming down so intensely!
  9. Apple Picking: There’s this adorable town East of here called Oak Glen that has apple picking and hay rides and petting zoo. Sometimes live music, it’s really quite beautiful and my family and I have made it a tradition to go every year. I look forward to this every year too!
  10. Leaves changing colors: This makes me want to visit Nashville, TN every time I think of Autumn. I get so excited to watch the leaves change colors and although they don’t change as drastic as some places, they do change enough. Not to mention as a little kid, when the leaves started to fall and we’d make piles just to jump into them.
  • To name a few, just my top 10 reasons why Fall is one season I get extremely excited about.
And to add a few: bonfires, cider, cool weather, crisp air, melancholy, harvest, scarecrows, octoberfest, walks, full moons.
Welcome again to Autumn!
If you’re looking for me, I’ll be the girl in a fluffy sweater, boots and a pumpkin spice in hand.. oh wait that’s just about everyone!




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