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My two favorite C words… Comfy & Cute


Geo Crochet Crop Top: Forever21| Jacket: Succulent Boutique | High-waist skinny Jeans (Dark denim): Forever21 | Faux Suede Sandals: Forever21 | Hat: Forever21

Hi Charmers! So I just wanted to say that you can get this entire outfit for less than $100! Honestly, what a deal!! I love finding cute clothes that are also extremely affordable, because let’s be honest, not everyone can spend 80-100 dollars on clothes. I do my best to find the best fashion pieces, but on a budget. Which is why I love shopping at Forever21 so much.

I wanted to share this look with ya’ll today. It is one of my favorites, and what I love about it is how comfy it is, and how you can dress it up or dress it down. During the warmer days, you can take the jacket off and during colder nights you can put the jacket on.


Happy Sunday everyone! Hope everyone has a great rest of their week. xoxo

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