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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Hi guys! So Mother’s Day is approaching– Sunday, May 12th and I don’t know about you but sometimes gift-giving can be difficult when you just want it to be perfect. But there is no such thing as perfect when the perfect gift for your mom is YOU. #cheesy

Something about showering one of the people who has been a major role model in your life is so special. There aren’t enough words or gifts to ever really express the gratitude each child feels for a parent.

It may seem like most of us don’t express it enough, however, all you MOM’S out there– just know your kid(s) think you’re amazingly special to them and they are truly grateful because you do A LOT for them.

I love to give gifts. It is this feeling deep inside that feels like tiny little butterflies. I just get so excited and put so much effort and thought. Shopping for someone you love can be challenging but I have found that going a personal route is usually the best policy.

While I decided to put together an adorable gift basket. I started thinking of all the great, affordable and possibly personal gifts that you can give your mom or mother-in-law this holiday.

Check out below some of the options I picked out for you guys! (Also, here’s a link to Target’s page on all of their Mother’s Day gift ideas).

Bath Bombs– everyone deserves a little relaxation. Bath Bombs are a great gift for Mom, they smell amazing and she can enjoy a long, relaxing bath. You can pretty much find these anywhere, but I love the ones from Target. They are called MOM BOMBS and they come in three different colors: Pink, Blue, & Green.

Tea & Mug– Who doesn’t love tea? For Mother’s Day, you could always find a cute mug and pair it with your mom’s favorite tea or any tea for that matter. YOGI Kava Stress Relief tea is one of my choices, as your mom could draw herself a nice bath with her bath bomb and make herself a nice cup of tea. Letting any stress just float away.

Cozy Slippers– Target carries the cutest and most comfy slippers on the planet! These MOM slippers are a sure-fire hit. Your mom won’t ever want to take them off. MOM Life and NO DRAMA MAMA.

Family Name Personalized Pillow– something about personalizing a gift makes it sooo much more special. Etsy has this monogrammed pillow’s that you can choose the names of your family members and have them displayed on the pillow. Cute, right?

personalized name pillow

Bedside Smartphone Vase– Charging your phone in style never sounded so good? Now, Mom can enjoy herself with an adorable classy vase that is also a phone charger. I mean brilliant, right?

iphone charger vase

Childhood Memory Scrapbook– I have always loved scrapbooking. Every family vacation, school activity, childhood memories–I have TONS of scrapbooks. I think putting together a scrapbook of your favorite memories with your mom will truly ignite the fire in her heart.  You can find materials at Michael’s or any craft store. Just get creative and do what you think she would love.


Cookbook– Does your mom love to cook? Get her a cookbook for her to try out some new recipes. She’ll be able to enjoy her book while the whole family can enjoy her cooking. It’s a win, win in my book!

Personalized Handwritten Recipe Plate– Something about getting all personal is truly a great way to go about a gift. It’s amazing how thoughtfulness can go a long way. This personalized Handwritten recipe plate from Etsy is a wonderful gift. Find a recipe you know is your mom’s favorite or one that you and she made together that was a true bonding experience.

handwritten recipe plate

Luanne Tea Kettle– Anthropologie has some great Mother’s Day gift ideas. This adorable tea kettle is a sure-fire win for a mom who loves tea!


MUDLove Bracelets– Something so dear to my heart is the MUDLOVE bracelets. The reason these bracelets are so special is that for every purchase you are giving water to those in need in Africa. Mother’s are always giving back– they give everyone so much love and support. All the times they took you to dance practice or soccer practice? All the times they drove you around to drop you off at a first house or at the movies or even taken you to school. They have sacrificed so much– they are the reason you are here today. So why not give back to not only the community but give your mom something special because SHE is special.


Purse– TJ MAXX has a great selection of purses and you can never go wrong with getting your mother-dearest a beautiful new purse. The Dune London Color Block Satchel is perfect for the Spring and your mother will surely love it!


Vanity Planet Spin for Perfect Skin Facial Brush Powered Facial System– This is such a great gift and a way for your Mom to pamper herself while in the comfort of her own home. You can pretty much find these on any site like Amazon. But I’ve seen this one at Target for $31.99 which is a steal in my book!


There ya’ll have it! My top 12 affordable Mother’s Day gift’s for your MOM!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the MOM’S out there!

Also, here is the gift basket that I made. Maybe it will give you guys an idea as well:

– Bath Bomb

– Face mask

-Dish Towel



-Nail polish


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