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Top 10 Favorite Trends: Feelin’ Trendy


Hi, my little Charmers! It’s been a minute but lately, I’ve been really into online “window” shopping. Sometimes, I’ll just scroll through Pinterest for fashion ideas, sometimes I’ll find inspiration from Instagram, and other times I just scroll through my favorite stores. There are a lot of great styles out there and I love when styles come back around, it’s as if that Era never really died.

I thought I would share with you all some styles that I have been LOVING lately! And I also thought that I’d share where you can purchase these items. So let’s get started, shall we?

White Bulky Sneakers

This has definitely been a trend lately. Whether you’re calling it the Dad Sneakers trend or just bringing back the 90’s, but I really love this style. I’ve seen it all over and so many stores carry them. Being born in the ’90s has given me the opportunity to LIVE through 90’s style, but I think when you are living through a style you don’t really think about it or get as excited until years down the line. I’m a big fan of bringing back the 90’s style. Here is a list of stores you can purchase these at Macy’s, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, & Target.

Floral Print Dresses

I’ve always been a big fan of floral dresses. A trend that I think I won’t ever tire from. As I own so many floral dresses, I still feel the need to own more. Reddress Boutique has some of the cutest floral dresses, along with my other favorite stores such as, Lulus, and Forever21.



I believe Overalls never go out of style. They are just so simple and comfy and they go with everything! I got mine at Target, however, I know there are plenty of other stores that carry Overalls–whether you are looking for long pants, cropped, or shorts. They have every style of overalls imaginable. Check out Express, Levi’sRevolve, American Eagle, Lulus, Forever21.


High-Waisted Jean Shorts

These are definitely my go-to’s for Summer! Below are some of my favorite places to find these shorts: Red Dress, Express, Free People, Forever21, Lulus, Tobi.


Leopard Print

Lately, I have been obsessed with animal print– but mostly, all about that Leopard print! I recently bought this amazing Leopard dress from Tobi and ever since, I’ve been drawn to all-things Leopard. This trend has been explosive and I am totally jumping on the bandwagon! I am LIVING for Leopard print! Check out stores such as Lulus, Forever21, Tobi, RedDress, PinkLily.


High-Waisted Bikinis

Bringing back the 1950’s! Lately, I’ve been really into high-waisted bikini bottoms. Perfect coverup and they totally accentuate your body in the best way! You can find these at Target, RedDress, Amazon, Victoria’s Secret, & Urban Outfitters.


One Piece

Another trend I’ve really been into is a One Piece Bikini. There are just so many cute and affordable styles out there and I am ALL about a one-piece! These are the stores you can find them at Target, RedDress, Amazon, Shein, Forever21.



LOVE the 80’s and I am ALL about scrunchies. I own so many scrunchies and I just love them. I don’t think I could ever love a hair tie as much as I love a good ol’ fashion scrunchy. This trend has been on fire for a LONG time and I am LIVING for it! You can pretty much find these anywhere; Target, Amazon, The Mod Knot, Sephora, and many other stores.


Puffy Sleeves

One of the hottest trends right now is the Puff Sleeves. I became obsessed with this style in 2018, however, I STILL am drawn to anything with puff sleeves. Brings me back to the 1800s, with their puff sleeves– creating a rather flirty, flattering, and fashionable twist on the style. Check out these stores: Revolve, Forever21, Nordstrom, RedDressLani The Label, Lulus, & Tobi.


Boyfriends’ Blazer

Lastly, I am really obsessed with “boyfriend” blazers. I think these are meant to fit a little bigger. Personally, I love when they aren’t so tight and they are perfect for the workspace or just a casual day. Check out RedDress, Tobi, Lulus, Forever21, Anthropologie, and Amazon.


And there ya have it! I hope ya’ll enjoy this post of my fave trends. If you like this post and would like to see more about my fave styles, Follow me on @socal_charm, where I often most favorite trends and OOTDs.



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