About Me

Hello, I’m Kristen! I was born and raised in Southern California. I have a degree in Journalism and minor in Marketing. In addition to my passion for writing, I also enjoy cooking, songwriting, playing guitar, photography, the family dog (a golden retriever), fashion, and the beach (Duh!). I honestly love learning, experiencing new adventures and integrating the lessons I have learned over the years. I enjoy simplicity and I am fascinated by how over time beauty reveals itself in a thousand different forms. I may not be an expert but I love learning new things and experimenting with different styles. I respect people for a lot of different reasons but what I value most is kindness and authenticity.

I want So Cal Charm to be a place where readers can become inspired whether it is through learning new things or wanting to step outside of their comfort zones by trying something different. And although I love fashion and beauty, this blog offers a mix of everything. You will also find me talking about latest trends, best beaches, best restaurants (for all you foodies?.. I’ve got you!) I will share my most candid ideas on relationships and dating. And with my love for cooking, I will provide recipes, playlist recommendations, beauty tips, quotes to live by ( positivity is key!) You could say I am a bit of a free-spirit. Just a dreamer that’s a bit wanderlust. I hope that you find yourself wanting to stick around. I’m stoked you are here and I can’t wait to get to know each and every one of you!